3rd Doctoral presentation. Eloi Guerrero (UAB)

Applied research in UNESCO’s Natural Protected Areas (Biosphere Reserves and Geoparks): Morocco – France – Spain)
International UNESCO Centre of Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves

3rd Doctoral presentation. Eloi Guerrero(UAB) – Supervisor: Esteve Cardellach (25th May)

Abstract :

“Since the XVII century Sant Julià de Llor zone, in the Guilleries massif (Catalonia), has been an economic interesting place for the exploitation and exploration mining. Today these exploitations are not actives and the relict and abandoned mines have been objective of investigation inside the geologic ambit, in the mineral deposit scale. The exposition will tract about the distinct methods (cartography, systematical sampling, study of mineral textures, stable isotopes, etc) used during the studding of these mineralizations to develop a group of results with a social and academic interest. The methodology used in this work can be extrapolated and applied to other interesting zones, developing new information related with the earth science. In addition, once the project will be finally finished, this area could be converted and applied to a touristic place related with learn and visit the geology of the local miner patrimony.”

The study case of the Master’s Thesis of Mr.Eloi Guerrero is located in the Massís de les Guilleries, concretely in the municipality of Sant Julià del Llor. This area has an extension of around 40.000 ha.

From the 17th century to the 20th, in this area was developed mining activity and for this activity new towns settled round it for the job opportunities of the mining as the case of Sant Julià del Llor. Nowadays, the mining landscape of the last centuries stills there.

The main goals of this Master’s Thesis are to find the origin and the composition of the mineralized fluids always focuses on the regional geology context.

The methodology used in this thesis will be future guidelines for other projects such as the European Project H2020 of the Zat Valley.

Moreover, the research study wants to focus on the geo-tourism of his study area as an important issue to be treated and for valorising the importance of the area’s history and its cultural heritage. In addition, wants to increase the academy and civil interest in the mining activity.

Opening questions to Eloi Guerrero presentation :

Ayoub El Ouarti (UCA): “I was wondering about the mineralogy, how about the data of the dating of thermoluminescence in other minerals?”

Eloi Guerrero (UAB): “We found some minerals such as the lead (Pb) but we could found other ones that should help our study research”.

Esteve Cardellach (UAB): “In Yagour there are a lot of important samples of geology. The geochemistry allows us to find the source if we detect where the sample exactly was. The little clues could help us to find some traces but the processes such as the erosion and the vegetation difficult us to research of the minerals.”

Ayoub El Ouarti (UCA): “In Zat Valley there are some mining activity such as gold and bronze in some centurial ovens. I would like to know if these processes are in your research study and if there are processes that could be found in the Geopark.”

Prof. José Luís Briansó (UAB): “In our missions to the study area of Zat Valley we didn’t found the mining activity but they told us that they were there. I want to ask for the UCA’s help for locating the mining activity of the Zat and increase the potentialities of this project.”

Catalina González (MNHN): “I was wondering if when you finished your Master’s thesis you will work to create a Geopark in the Massís de les Guilleries and, at the same, working with the local people for that aim.”

Eloi Guerero (UAB): “My idea is not creating a Geopark in that area. We only need interest for staring the creation process of a new Geopark, in all the sense, historical, heritage, academy, etc.”

Prof.Yves Girault (MNHN): “We are working in the website of the Zat Valley’s Geopark and I would like to know if it is extended possible to extrapolate your methodology and if you would like, in the future, to disseminate your Thesis.”

Eloi Guerrero (UAB): “My main idea is published my Thesis and improving the research study for extrapolating in a future methodology that helps in the creation processes of new Geoparks such as the Zat Valle’s Geopark.”

The text were designed for Antoni Mas Ponce and Adriá Costa Ribes, all together PhD student.
Copyright photos : Fayssal Lemjidi, PhD student.

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