5th Doctoral presentation. Ayoub El Ouarti (UCA)

Applied research in UNESCO’s Natural Protected Areas (Biosphere Reserves and Geoparks): Morocco – France – Spain)
International UNESCO Centre of Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves

5th Doctoral presentation. Ayoub El Ouarti (UCA) – Supervisor: Said Boujrouf (25th May)

Abstract :

The PhD research is going to focus on the pastoral life, practiced for poor people but with high and useful than ours. Ayoub is going to talk about the goals of the process of the patrimony of de sustainable tourism development.

The man have adapted to the environment because the environment itself impose their conditions for helping man to their adaptation and vice versa, the man influenced the environment too. This adaptation provoked the creation of socio-ecosystems such as terraces, for example. When a flood appears, people create terraces where the grass grows and this provides food for the pastures.

The pastoral system has divided in different parts. The lower parts of the mountains we can find olive tree agriculture and horticulture. In the mid parts, the agriculture is based on arboriculture and finally, the highest parts are practised the pastures. But, for the climatic changes, this way of life of the pastorals changed, for example, the mobility of the population to the urban system, the new technologies and the changes of the consumption habits have provoked in the territory.

For seeing the dynamics we should know what the actors involved in the area pretended (stakeholders, neighbours, etc.) For knowing that, we should design interviews and visit these actors in their environments and make the posteriori analysis.

The results based on the comparison between the Ourika Valley and Corsica are that the way of life in Ourika Valley stabilises but the migration of the young people to the city could difficult the transmission of the knowledge of the people working in the countryside. On the other hand, in Corsica there is a completely rupture of the pastoral life because the appearance of the intensive cattle raising and the tourism provoke the appearance of new tourists and the pastorals realised that they can take economical profits of this situation.

Opening questions to Ayoub El Ouarti presentation :

Cinthia Pereira (UAB): “In the methodology, you would like to do a participative research and that’s fantastic because you will be in the same context and you will live the research in situ. I wonder if you don’t have curiosity for planning any action for participates with the local people. And finally, I really recommend the reading of Victor Toledo, he worked in that field and watch the French movie “Mañana”.”

Ayoub El Ouarti (UCA): “I am not a researcher, I’ve just plan questions. The results of this thesis have to be a document that helps in the decision making. I am an actor and I will be more in the process of decisions. I am a very active person in many associations and I want to contribute to the social development and in the territory development.”

Prof. Said Boujrouf (UCA): “Ayoub is talking in his Thesis words that are a scientific and academic research. The town of Ourika asked him for help and he provided it so, they work with the experts such as architects. The actual tourism model is a completely chaos and we should try to change it.”

The text were designed for Antoni Mas Ponce and Adriá Costa Ribes, all together PhD student.
Copyright photos : Fayssal Lemjidi, PhD student.

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