7th International conference on Unesco Global Geoparks

Date: 27th – 30th September 2016
Place: Torquay, UK
Host: English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark
Participants: Environ 700 from 120 UGG, 63 different countries
Website: http://ggn2016.com

Professor Yves Girault and his students Yi Du and Catalina Gonzalez Tejada participate at this international event of Unesco Global Geoparks with the aim of getting to know the state of art of studies and discussions about Geoparks while we were setting up a networking for the project. We also have the opportunity to meet with our partners and find new partners in Spain, France and Mexico.

This event was structured around 8 themes. The first theme “Health and Wellbeing through creative and active engagement” was the one highlighted all around the event. For example, as the central subject of the plenary session and panel discussion on the second day where this theme was pointed out as an important theme to be included in the Geoparks practice and studies. In accordance to that the performance of the Opening Ceremony of the conference with the musical/“GeoOpera” named “Earth Echoes”, that was made with different members of the local community, the procedure from the creation to the performance moment was a source of evaluation of this Health and Wellbeing through creative and active engagement. The results were presented during the plenary session, to see the evaluation presentation: http://ggn2016.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/DaisySutcliffe.pdf

There were a certain number of presentations per theme of around 20 minutes each. Here the 8 themes and the number of presentations related to it:

  • THEME 1 – “Health and Wellbeing through creative and active engagement” = 6
  • THEME 2 – Aspiring Geoparks = 46
  • THEME 3 – Engaging Communities =17
  • THEME 4 – Education, Interpretation and Communication = 36
  • THEME 5 – Mature Geoparks – Sharing success and challenges = 17
  • THEME 6 – Conservation, Science and Research = 22
  • THEME 7 – Geotourism, Cultural Tourism, Sustainable Development and local products = 46
  • THEME 8 – Regional and International UNESCO Global Geopark Collaborations = 19
  • THEME 2 and 6 = 3
  • THEME 3 and 2 = 3

Field Trips in the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark
On the third day we had the field trip, 4 choices were offered from which we participated to the last 3, being the first one for geologist.

  • FIELD TRIP 1- GEOPARK ROCKS: Geology in detail, management, research and conservation.
  • FIELD TRIP 2- GEOPARK STORIES: Accessible Geology, for Non Geologists, and its influence from the past to present.
  • FIELD TRIP 3- OVERGROUND, UNDERGROUND AND CRUISE: Enjoy the Geopark from the best vantage point – the sea plus our heritage revealed.
  • FIELD TRIP 4- CULTURE, CREATIVITY AND COMMUNITY: Explore the Geopark. Visit our tourist attractions, community projects and museums to appreciate the local experience of living in the English Riviera.

Conclusion of the conference :
The message that was at the conclusion of the conference: “the rocks connects us”

Scientific committee of the Geopark project Mixteca Alta, Mexico (E. Rosado González, Pr. J. L. Palacio Prieto, X. Ramírez Miguel), MNHN (C. Gonzalez Tejada)

Cover photo, from left to right: Catalunya Central Geopark (F. Climent & B. Fortuny) ; UAB (J. Poch) ; MNHN (C. Gonzalez Tejada, Y. Girault, Y. Du) ; Lanzarote Geopark (I. Betancort & E. Mederos)

Photographies © Catalina Gonzalez Tejada

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