8th International Conference On UNESCO Global Geoparks

Date: 08th – 14th September 2018
Place: Madona di Campiglio, Italy
Host: Adamello Brenta UNESCO Global Geopark
Participants: Environ 700 from 120 UGG, 63 different countries
Website: https://www.campigliodolomiti.it/lang/EN/pagine/dettaglio/ggn,187/ggn,1331.html

Catalina Gonzalez Tejada got the Student Grant offered by this international event of Unesco Global Geoparks and participate with the aim of continue strengthening the networking on Geoparks and at the same time get involve on the developpement of the newest UGG network: The Global Geoparks Network of Latin America and the Caribbean.

View of the Dolomites. Photo: C. Gonzalez 2018



Event structure

This 4 days event was structured around 5 principle themes. The first theme “Geoparks, sustainable tourism and sustainable local development” was the one highlighted all around the event. Then other themes were: “Geoparks, climate change and geo-hazards”; “Regional and International UNESCO collaborations”; “Education, public awareness and communication”; “Conservation, science and research”. There were also some workshops (about sustainable tourism, Geohazards, Geo-education, Geoparks in Volcanic Areas, Geoparks on Islands and SDG2030) and the presentation of Asparing Geoparks. There were a certain number of presentations per theme of around 20 minutes each.

There was also a temporary exhibition about the link between geology and the people in different UGG of the world

Intangible Heritage Exhibition on the GGN2018 conference. Photo: C. Gonzalez 2018


Field Trips in the Adamello Brenta UNESCO Global Geopark

On the third day we had the field trip, 6 choices were offered from which Catalina has participated to the 6th one which the principle attraction was the visit of the museum of sciences (MUSE), projected by the architect Renzo Piano.

FIELD TRIP 1- Brenta Dolomites.

FIELD TRIP 2- Vallensinella and Karst springs

FIELD TRIP 3- Genova Valley

FIELD TRIP 4- Fumo Vally

FIELD TRIP 5- Tovel Valley and Thun Castle

FIELD TRIP 6- Muse and Trento City

The MUSE in Trento City, inspired on the mountains for the architecture and the narrative. Photos: C. Gonzalez 2018
The MUSE in Trento City, inspired on the mountains for the architecture and the narrative. Photos: C. Gonzalez 2018


Conclusion of the conference by the president of the conference

“Give to the Earth the dignity it deserves!”

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