Geological Heritage Inventories: Achievements, Challenges and Perspectives

International Congress 2015
From 22 to 25 september 2015 26 septembre
Toulouse NH Museum, France

The concept of geological heritage initially arrose in 1991 in France, following an international conference on the protection of geological heritage in Digne-les-Bains. Since then geological heritage has fallen under French law, as typified by the February 2002 « démoprox » law and the 2007 national geological heritage inventory carried out under the patronage of the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy. Several european countries have now engaged in this process to raise interest and protect geological heritage. The aim of this conference is to review the various regional, national and international actions that have been undertaken so as to understand how European public policies approach geological heritage. Presentations may deal with national or regional scale syntheses or local examples showing various types of actions undertaken and methodological presentations illustrating the wide range of possible approaches at an international level.


22 septembre 2015 : Field trip 1 – The nature geological reserve (Lot department).

As the direct consequence of the national geological heritage inventory, the nature geological reserve of the Lot includes a diversity of sites illustrating heritage interest. Among them, the phosphorites caves of Quercy and the Pterosaur Beach, which we will visit during the excursion, stand out.

23 septembre 2015 : 2 Conferences at the Toulouse NH Museum

  • Opening ceremony G. Boeuf (MNHN, Collège de France), Mc Kever (UNESCO) , T.Badman(UICN) et Pr R.Oberhansli (IUGS).
  • Theme 1 : Inventories / introductory lecture: Peter Bobrowsky, Canada.
  • Theme 2: From inventories to geoconservation / introductory lecture: José Brilha, Portugal.

24 septembre 2015 : 2 Conferences at the Toulouse NH Museum

  • Theme 3: Geologocal heritage and geoparks / introductory lecture: Patrick McKeever (UNESCO).
  • Theme 4: Geological inventories and natural and cultural heritage / introductory lecture: Dolores Pereira, Espagne.

25 septembre 2015 :

  • Field trip 2 – Montréal du Gers paleontological : This site is a reference level for Miocene mammal fauna, hosting 90 different species and over 20,000 bones. The site, owned by the city of Toulouse, is now part of a project aimed at renewing interest in geology and has been designed (with the help of European funding) to welcome visitors and offer educational activities around geology.

26 septembre 2015 :

  • UICN France workshop : Title VIII of the convention of the mundial heritage : World heritage vs Global geoparks.

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