The issues of patrimonialization and touristification of Agro-sylvo-pastoralism lifestyle for territorial development in mountain areas. The Agdal of Oukaimden and Yagour

l Ouarti Ayoub
Thesis Advisor: Pr. Said BOUJROUF (LERMATDD, FLSH Marrakech).
Thesis Co-Advisor: Pr. Geneviève MICHON (IRD, GRED Montpellier).
Laboratory LERMA-TDD, Univ Cadi Ayyad Marrakech.

The High Atlas mountains, as others around the world, have always enforced the human beings to adapt to their specific environment, such as the climatic and geomorphologic conditions. The agro-sylvo-pastoralism lifestyle is a concrete prove of this long-term adaptation of human with the mountain areas. Through centuries, the agro-sylvo-pastors had developed several know-hows to live in perfect harmony with their environment and to draw and manage sustainably the natural resources that provide their areas of life. By these ancient skills autochthone also had shaped the mountains and then created many particular socio-ecosystems and cultural landscapes that we actually consider as agro-sylvo-pastoralism heritages. The components of this style of life, particularly the symbiosis with nature and the governance concerning the management of territorial resources, inspire a lot of researchers and specialists in sustainable development and ecosystem preservation field. Nowadays, with all the 3rd century’s environmental, demographical, sociocultural, political and economical issues, the agro-sylvo-pastoral lifestyle, its heritages and territories of practice undergo divers and quick mutations. These abrupt changes that affect traditions, ancestral skills, heritages and agro-pastors themselves are mainly treating the environmental, cultural and development sustainability of the High Atlas’s mountains.  That why we question in the actual thesis research about the potentials that can offer the patrimonialization and the touristification of agro-sylvo-pastoralism lifestyle for territorial development in mountain areas.

Perspectives of the contribution to the Geopark Project:

  • WP2 (T1.4 and T1.5): The study of the issues of the patrimonialization and the sustainable tourism for the social and human development in high mountain areas.
  • WP2 (T2.1): The study of the issues of the actual development of the Zat Valley, its accessibility development, its opening to the exterior environment due to the touristification phenomenon.
  • WP2 (T2.2 and T2.3): The study of the various patrimonialization dynamics that aim to preserve and promote the natural and the cultural heritages of the Zat valley, and the analysis of these dynamics actors systems.

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