Les musées vecteurs de promotion des territoires : Entre missions identitaires et usages touristiques. Une étude de cas de Marrakech et de son arrière pays.M

Abdelilah Lissaneddine
Sous la direction de Ouidad Tebbaa, Laboratoire Culture, Patrimoine et Tourisme.
Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines. Université Cadi Ayyad-Marrakech.

This study aims to questioning and analysis of the identity dimension, the tourist use of the museums and the irrelationship with a much larger territory than the Zat Valley. In this thesis, we specifically grasp the interactions and induced impacts of certain museum structures on the inhabitant to highlight issues of identity and territorial dynamics related to local economies and tourism development.

Four axes directly related with the Geopark project :

  • The role of eco museum and their place in the social and identity dynamics within the territory.
  • The role of the eco museum in the heritage tourism development.
  • The dynamic between museum and local economies.
  • The development of heritage to promoting the development of the territory and the communities who live there.

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