Mediation in museums: Towards a Policy “Heritage for All”

Sous la direction du Professeur Ouidad Tebaa
Université Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech

Mediation in museums aims to make the heritage accessible to the visitor and build a strong and lasting experience.

Nowadays, museums are expected to include their audience in a defined scientific and cultural program. Therefore, a strategic production and implementation of tailored mediation tools are needed. In order to cultivate this relationship, and emphasize a genuine dialogue between the institution, the Art, and the visitors.

More-over the democratization of mediation plays an important role in bringing together the heritage education and its integration in society as an anchor for the local communities and the social development.

In the digital era, new mediation tools have emerge, expanding   the range of access to the public , and providing new opportunities to present the heritage features, as well as presenting a is a real challenge.

Our job is to think and develop the best possible strategy, to make the museum more accessible and become source of knowledge, and education.

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