Opening session by Dr. Martí Boada and Dra. Roser Maneja

Applied research in UNESCO’s Natural Protected Areas (Biosphere Reserves and Geoparks): Morocco – France – Spain)
International UNESCO Centre of Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves

Opening session by Dr. Martí Boada and Dra. Roser Maneja (24th May)

Firstly, the Prof. Martí Boada welcomed to all the participants to the Doctoriales session and their supervisors to the International UNESCO Center of Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves located in the Castle of Castellet municipality as the coordinator of UNESCO Centre and the leader of the reserach group “Conservation, Biodiversity and Global Change” of the ICTA (Institut de Ciències i Tecnologia Ambiental ) of the UAB.

Prof. Martí Boada explained where the UNESCO Center was located and how important is the Mediterranean landscape. The Castle of Castellet is located next to the Foix’s swamp and is a landscape created predominantly for Pinus Halepensis, this Pinus in social aspects, has had a pejoratiu name and it was always underestimated. For being universalists, we should take the autoestima of our territory and not only adore the North and the Scandia’s as the perfect site of our world.

Prof. Martí Boada presented Prof.Roser Maneja as the coordinator of his research group and the other coordinator of the UNESCO Centre.

Prof.Roser Maneja explained what is the UNESCO Centre and what they did in there and, for that, she presented the strategic lines of the Centre:

  1. Empowering the relations between the different Biosphere Reserves of the Mediterranean.
  2. Academicals and research dimension
  3. Communication, formation and environmental education
  4. Creation of a documented centre.
  5. Cooperation between north and south (even east and west).The Reserves as a tool for sharing experiences between both sides of the basin.
  6. Strengthening links between civil society and academia

In addition to the strategic lines, Prof.Roser Maneja explained that the last year started de XMRB, nowadays there are 63 RB in 14 different countries.

Another interesting point remarkable of the Centre is the inauguration of the University Campus for Msc studies, inaugurated for the UAB’s Rector.

With the aim of improving the tasks and the objectives of the Centre, they are going to organized different meetings and academicals sessions. At the end of 2016, the Centre is going to receive the Water Prince of Jordanian, so the Centre wants to include a Biosphere Reserve of Jordanian.

The text were designed for Antoni Mas Ponce and Adriá Costa Ribes, all together PhD student.
Copyright photos : Fayssal Lemjidi, PhD student.

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