Université Cadi Ayyad (Morocco) – UCAM

Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of Marrakech was founded May 8, 1978 in the University Cadi Ayyad. In September 1979 the facility welcomed its first cohort of students enrolled in the respective departments of Arabic Language and Literature and French Language and Literature. During the years that followed, other departments have emerged, such as the Department of English Language and Literature (1980-1981), the Department of History and Geography (1982-1983), the Department of Islamic Studies (1984-1985), and finally the department Sociologist and Philosophy (1999-2000). During these three decades, the Faculty has undergone significant changes, particularly in terms of the number of students who went from 1367 in 1979 to 12,640 in 2012. The number of teachers has changed from 16 teacher-researchers in 1979 to 159 in 2012. As for the administrative staff, he was one of 65 in 1979 and today it is around 80 people. During the 2003-2004 academic year, the Faculty is committed to the university reform (LMD), with the creation of eight core courses. The Faculty now has 25 research facilities in the different areas of humanities and social sciences.

Research groups involved:

LERMA – TDD [Laboratory Atlasic Mountains Territories, Development and Sustainability] – (Director: Prof. Said Bourjrouf)

This research centre is specialized in specific mountain areas in general and Atlasic mountains with their surrounding areas up to the oasis questions. It is composed of permanent members and 9 associate members 8 external to the University Cadi Ayyad, 17 doctoral students, a Management Committee 4 members, a Founding Committee of 4 members of a Scientific Committee and national and international experts of 9 members. Since its inception in 1994, the laboratory has developed extensive research on local and regional development. The themes are organized around issues related to tourism, heritage, poverty, territorial restructuring, public policy and knowledge in mountain areas.


Research laboratory CPT [Culture, Patrimoine and Tourism] – (Director: Prof. Ouidad Tebbaa)
Consists of a multidisciplinary team of researchers working on tourism as income generating activity and more specifically the development of heritage as an economic activity more and more prominent. Its research activities focuse among others on the potential of tourism to become a lever for development, and is particularly interested in its contribution to the fight against poverty. It initiated research projects under the auspices of Unesco but also with a certain number of academic partners all around the Mediterranean including Spain, Italy and France. This laboratory has contributed to the creation of a Master “Tourism, Heritage and Sustainable Development” and a Ph.D. “Tourism, Heritage and Territorial Management”.

TEBBAA, Ouidad:
(Director) Full Professor of UCAM.  She coordinates a Masters and a PhD programmes in Management & Tourism and Territory & tourism, heritage and development. She is the author of several books on the subject, working in the LMI MediTer (Terroirs Méditerranéens: Environnement, Patrimoine et Développement). Guest editor of several journals (Via @ – international interdisciplinary journal of tourism, Journal IFDD), it participates in the European project MEDCHANGe (Mediterranean Changing Relationships: Global Change, Networks and Border Openings) on gender component, immigration, access to employment.


PhD student in tourism and territory management at the centre of research “Laboratoire the Atlasic Mountains – Territories, Development and Sustainability LERMA-TDD”, UCAM University. He is project engineer at IRD in Marrakech within the franco-Moroccan co-operation. 

She is a PhD student at UCAM – her research topic deals with cultural heritage and gender issues. Her PhD thesis is titled: « Femmes, transmission des valeurs patrimoniales matérielles et immatérielles ».

Full Professor of Geography, Director of the “Laboratoire the Atlasic Mountains – Territories, Development and Sustainability LERMA-TDD”, University Cadi Ayyad. He studied management and territorial development in Morocco. He is currently working on issues of specification, qualification, patrimonial and tourist exploitation in areas of the margin south of Morocco. He has led numerous research programs at national and international level on topics of “tourism and cultural environment”, “Referents of territorial restructuring South African, French and Moroccan”, “challenge marginality, territorial identities and tourism in Moroccan and Nigerian mountains “,” Poverty and tourism “,” local products “,” Migration and Local Development “.

ELAKLAA, Mohamed:
He is a geographer and an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of Marrakech. It deals with issues related to the environment and the physical environment. He studied the Moroccan policy of protected areas.

KAMIL, Hassan:
Full professor at UCAM. He did a PhD in socio-anthropology and he wrote several publications on the anthropology of development.

LEMJIDI, Faysal:
He studied history at UCAM (Morocco) and did an Erasmum Mundus Master in palaeontology in Italy and France (MNHN). He is a PhD student in heritage tourism and territory management.

PhD student in tourism at the UCAM University (Morocco). He studied tourism (BA, MA) at the Faculty of Humanities of Marrakech.

LOKRIFA, Abdeljalil:
He is geographer and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of Marrakech. His research focuses on environmental studies, risks and dynamics of watersheds. He specialized in enquiry tools ie Sphinx and SPSS software. He specializes in geographic information on various software systems (GIS).

She is a geographer (BA & MA) and she is doing a PhD on tourism in Morocco at the UCAM University.

She is Assistant Professor at the ENES, Cadi Ayyad University. She is a member of LERMA. She got the specialized graduate degree under the theme: Installation of a tourism project to promote the Zat mountainous area. She prepared a PhD thesis at Cadi Ayyad University, entitled: Associations tourism development; New Actors revitalization and management of mountain areas: the case of Zat valley. She is currently a Project Officer in the Association of Friends of Zat: Promotion and marketing of “Tourist Product Zat.”