Report of mobility, by Hanane BOUAABID

Réalisé par : Hanane BOUAABID
Dates : Du 1 au 30 Août 2016

The project Geopark in Barcelona aligns with the fourth axis of “Geotourism”, which is designed to investigate the reaction of strategies to be followed by local actors on a perspective of sustainable tourism to the local heritage (nature and culture) of the Zat Valley. It appears important to the researcher that in consideration of the potentiel of the Valley for tourism based on its natural beauty, that it is also important to develop its intangible assets based on its cultural heritage

This heritage lies in the traditional knowledge of such crafts as weaving which can add to the local and regional economy especially by involving the skills of women. This research will complement the research into wool and tourism.

A qualitative methodology is adopted is adopted based on participant observation, focus group and in-depth interviews with relevant actors in the Valley, to deduce in-depth results that can power further research in the area. Most importantly, through is the fact that the researcher has been involved in a state of the art development.

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