Report of mobility in Paris and Barcelone, by Khalid EL HOUSNI

Résumé du rapport de la mission GEOPARK
Réalisé par : Khalid EL HOUSNI
Durée de mission : Du 15 Septembre au 15 Octobre 2016 à Paris / Du 01 au 30 Août 2016 à Barcelone

As part of the GEOPARK mobility programme, which runs from 15 September to 15 October in Paris, the axis of my research is joining that of the Geotourism axis, which aims at analysing the construction of territorial strategies by local agents in a sustainable local heritage tourism project. I conducted some research on the development of local tourism resources located in the Zat Valley, i.e. rock engravings that reveal an important tangible and intangible heritage.

Implementing  this territorial development requires a collaborative endeavour that combines the efforts of  different and diverse actors in the valley. This process begins with the exposition of this heritage sometimes by an external player in the territory but then implemented in a way which makes this resource the essence of development planning, including creating income for local actors.To do this we conducted a bibliographic work with the supervision of Mr. Yves Girault to fuel our literature review about all the concepts discussed.

The second part of my mission is underway in Barcelona from 1 to 30 August 2016, during which we worked on a tourism development based on rock carvings by involving the various players. The following of the bibliographic work was done at Sagrada Familia library in central of Barcelona. In this context, the methodology is to conduct a qualitative survey of a sample of the local population in the Zat Valley and with local actors (rural commune, touristic guides, owners of rural guest-houses, tourists). The objective is to analyze the representation of these actors about this territorial resource and its tourism value.

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