The travelling exhibition in the Zat valley

The project of exhibition has finished its first stage – information gathering, and entered in the stage of conception. On 17 and 18 January, members of the Geopark programme, belonging to various teams (UAB, UCA, MNHN) met at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris to begin work on the design of an exhibition to be presented in the Zat Valley. This work was initiated following the completion of the inventory work carried out during the first three years of the Zat Valley programme. As the work of heritage inventory and database progressed, we were then able to better define the objectives of the Zat valley exhibition with regard to both the target audiences and the content of the exhibition.

The exhibition will be carried out for the inhabitants of the Zat valley with a two fold objective: to present and enhance all the heritage resources of the valley, and to stimulate debate on whether or not to develop nature tourism, particularly in the context of the creation of a geopark. The title chosen to date is “The Zat Valley: between heritage conservation and development”. The texts will be written in Arabic and French. Video presentations were envisaged depending on the local reception structures. Short oral presentations in Amazigh were also considered.

After long and constructive exchanges, a first narrative framework was chosen.
The exhibition will consist of 12 panels, and for each panel a scientific referent has been named. The exhibition will be directed by Jean Guy Michard and Nour-Eddine Jalil (MNHN, Paris):

  • Introduction
  • 1: Geographical and landscape location.
  • 2: The Zat: a valley to protect. (Yves Girault, MNHN)
  • 3: The Zat: a developing valley (Yves Girault, MNHN)
  • 4: Circulate through the valley. (Lokrifa, UCA)
  • a: The new road
  • b: The pedestrian and mulleteerian paths
  • c: Collapsed bridge, geological risks 
  • 5 (x2: a & b): Water sharing. (Saïd Bourjouf, UCA
  • a.a: The Zat Oued
  • a.b: The sources
  • a.c: Irrigation, water sharing
  • b: Aquatic fauna: six examples
  • 6: Tonsil, tradition and evolution. (Saïd Bourjouf, UCA)
  • 7: The Yaggour Plateau and engraved rocks. Gwenola Graaf (MNNH/IRD & Maxence Bailly (AMU)
  • 8: The geosites tell us the story of the Atlas. (Juan Poch UAB)
  • a: Geosite 1
  • b: Geosite 2
  • c: The fossils of the Zat valley
  • 9: Biodiversity in the valley. (Roser Maneja Zaragoza UAB & ICTA)
  • 10: Socio-environmental heritage. (Roser Maneja Zaragoza UAB & ICTA)
  • 11: Women and crafts. (Ouidad Tebaa, UCA)
  • 12: Endemic protected species. (Roser Maneja Zaragoza UAB & ICTA)
Participants of the exposition project: group session ©Geopark-H2020
Participants of the exposition project: group session ©Geopark-H2020

Participants :

> MNHN : Jean Guy Michard, Yves Girault, Nour – Eddine Jalil, Elisabeth Habert

> UAB : Roser Maneja, Joan Poch

> UCA : Ouidad Tebbaa, Saïd Bourjouf


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