2 thoughts on “UAB team : Carles Barriocanal

  1. Dear Colleague Carles Barriocanal,
    Regarding your paper request for:
    Rannow et al 2014 – Managing Protected Areas under Climate Change.pdf
    I can only send this publication to your eMail, as the ResearchGate Shows a ‘no request’ message – which means I have no ‘reply’ button on this page.
    In case you have not yet got a copy already by another author via ResGate, please see my eMail address below to send your private request to me.
    Just as a comment: if i had not got this connection via the Geopark page I could not get any contact detail for you/your eMail through the University of Barcelona page(!), as I always ended up in the ‘priority pages’ of Google, academ-edu, etc.
    With best regards,
    Georg Janauer

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