UAB team : José Luís Briansó

Full Professor at UAB. PhD in Geology – Structural Crystallography (1972). Full professor of crystallography (since 1975). Author of about 130 scientific publications in SCI journals (Crystal structure determination, LA Policies and Environment). Scientific Counsellor for Technological Policies (2006 until end of 2008) of the Ministry for Education and Science (Spain), Scientific Adviser of the Office for Science and Technology of the Presidency of the Spanish Government from its foundation to 2002. Representative of Spain in the Management Committee of Program INCO (IV Framework Programme 1994-1999), NCP for FP5-INCO (1999-2002). CYTED price in Innovation (Lima 2005). Co-ordinator of numerous research projects. Consultant of several SMEs in the sector of environmental engineering and pharmaceutical companies. Former Scientific Officer of DG12 (1988-1992). Scientific evaluator of EC projects (from FP5 to FP7). Prof. Briansó has large experience in coordination of several EU projects. Recent projects with LA countries include: EC- UNIND-LAM ICA4-2001- 10165, EC-UNIVEMP-LAM ICACT-2006-518698. EC-UEMEXCYT-2 (2008–2011), EC- FONCICYT (2009-2011), EC-EULASUR (2010-2013) EC-EUCARINET (2011-2014), EC-STRAVAL (2011-2015), EC-EULANETCERMAT (2012-2016) etc. Uncharged, as expert, by CREST-Emergent Economies (BRIC) of the report of Brazil S&T (2008), and the overview of the results of the EU-Mexico S&T Agreement (2006-2010) and suggestions and recommendations for the new agreement (2011 – 2015), by INCO programme. Six bilateral and EC projects with Morocco and Tunisia, from 2000 to 2012 in the sectors of Cultural Heritage (AECID: Monuments) and Environment (EC TOXMET / SOWAEUMED: Water and Soils pollution control).

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