Work-package 1 : Geology, Biodiversity and Environment

Lead participant Prof. Jose Luis Briansó (General coordinator of WP1) 

Objectives :
Contributing to the inventory of all geological-environmental goods including biodiversity with the ultimate goal of being able to submit a robust candidature for the nomination, of Atlas case study (Zat Valley), as new candidature of Geopark (after the end of the project), developing the following activities under WP1: 1). Inventory and valorisation of geological and biological values in order to determine the integrated natural and cultural heritage, which characterizes the territorial identity (basis of the Geopark Project), including natural conservation measures. 2). Inventory of environmental weaknesses/menaces and proposal of prevention and recovering measures in order to assure sustainability of the economic activities proposed. 3). Elaboration of dissemination material related to geological, biological and environmental values in order to have a data base accessible to the decision makers (land use and territory planning) and to the management body of the Geopark project.4) Training and Education activities, oriented to students and civil population. This innovative approach include social sciences, economic aspects, living conditions of local populations, traditional houses and his building materials (clay and rocks) etc.
This WP1 in the first step of the proposal and integrates, in harmonic way, with the other complementary ones. This WP1 it is an important and basic Work-Package because is associated with studies of geology-environment-biodiversity, by developing a very relevant and crucial research studies for a future Geo-Park nomination. In Africa continent don’t exist any Geopark (End April 2014). As explaining above, in the objectives, this approach is a very innovative, multidisciplinary and relevant, because is associated to socioeconomic sciences, ethnography, art, local traditions and the overall living conditions of local populations. In fact the project is a clear cross cutting study, each WP is relevant for the final objective: Geopark nomination. The WP1 is divided into two main tasks: 1) the general study of geological-environmental scope and 2) the scope of the biodiversity. In turn, each of the two main tasks are subdivided into several sub-tasks according to the research work focused on specific aspects of environmental-geological areas and specific scopes of biodiversity.

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