Work-package 2 : Heritage and Geo-development (Tourism, Social, Territory)

Lead participant Prof. Ouidad Tebbaa (UCAM) (General coordinator of WP2)

This WP has various research and transversal objectives in strong connection with other WP: (1) Contribute, together with other partners and WPs, to the inventory, especially all assets related to the Heritage of the Zat Valley (natural, cultural, social and historical), forms as a means of livelihood for local communities, the impacts on the environment and pathways of the historic site to the knowledge of the environment of the Geopark (2) Consider and propose valid solutions to a patrimonialization, which could ensure the sustainability of the rock and heritage and the sites that include it and do the study, with non-destructive physico-chemical means, on the conservation of rock engravings in order to provide sustainable solutions (3) Consider and create a document on possible forms of tourism enhancement for the engravings to make them integrated into the processes of social and territorial development of the Zat valley (4) Develop an action plan based on the gender policy for the training of women and youth in educational technology and training in association with the environment and traditional culture of the Zat Valley (5) Help local actors to position themselves in relation to the proposed Geopark.
This WP as a strong complementary approach (research, education, dissemination) with the other WPs in the process of reflection on the model of Geopark to develop fragile, but very rich in specific and great value heritage, regions. It prioritizes research around the issue of social development, heritage and tourism development in a tourist area ranked first in Morocco. Tourism is currently a strategic sector in Morocco because the stakes are high for the development of human capital and the economic and social transmission of knowledge between individuals, groups, regions, countries and generations. In synergy with the other teams of WPs, it will work towards the development of strategic frameworks and actions to make of heritage and tourism a development tool, able to contribute to poverty reduction in the High Atlas mountains and especially in the Zat valley, a place of existence of a major park of rock engravings. Social inclusion of women (gender policies) is an important aspect in the context of our proposal, especially taking into account the new job opportunities if the Zat Valley is listed by UNESCO as a Geopark. The new educational and information technologies, maybe simple yet effective, and the knowledge of the environment and traditional culture of the area (strengths, weaknesses and opportunities) are key aspects in this framework.

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