Work-package 3 : Higher-Education in Geopark Issues

Lead participant Prof Yves Girault (General coordinator WP3):

Objectives :
The main objective of this WP is to strengthen European & Moroccan education programmes (LMD) and capacities building (students and professionals) in Geoparks taking into account local features and issues as a systemic approach (heritage, territory, geology, tourism, sustainability, development, populations).
There is no specialized Master’s degree (Europe/Morocco) or higher training courses on issues related to Geoparks (management, conservation, development). Nevertheless, an intensive course is organised every year (September) in Lesvos Island (Greece) within the framework of European Geopark Network – 7th edition in 2014. It is a specialized course in English (60 hours) organised with the support of UNESCO, but without giving a European degree (LMD) to participants. Our concern would be to set up with the consortium a Master programme (distance) through the MNHN platform as a productive and long-term interaction result from each partner involved into GEOPARK project. Based on the higher education experience of each academic partner (Partner: 1, 2 and 4), the Master programme (distance) will be oriented on local heritage (research) and technical issues (management, candidature process, etc.) with the support of Partner 3 as a specialised agency (private sector) in geology services with great experience on evaluation and candidatures with Spanish ministry of Industry and Tourism. Besides, 3 short training sessions on geopark topics with strong connection with consortium issues (territory, heritage, development, population, etc.) will be organised as a preparatory phase on geopark didactical materials (modules) in order to implement the distance learning Master (II) degree, titled “Geopark: Heritage Conservation and Sustainable Management”. This Master (II) could be “exported” to other countries, like Latin America or Magreb, with specific modifications.

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