Work-package 4 : Dissemination and Management

Lead participant Prof Yves Girault (General coordinator WP4)


The main objective of this WP is focused on the management and the dissemination of the consortium results (tasks and deliverables) through innovative research tools (cartography), collaborative platform (website), multimedia tools (newsletters, videos, brochures) in order to diffuse technical documents (meetings, reports) and scientific results (inventory, publications, methodology, etc.) to consortium participants and external audience.

The dissemination of results produced during GEOPARK project will be mainly diffused within a website in order to communication on the GEOPARK activities developed by the consortium. This multimedia tool will be designed as an interactive and participative platform of collaboration between participants involved within the project, but also as a research platform based on an innovative technological and advanced tools (cartography, database), a media canal (videos, newsletters) and a dissemination support regarding the consortium activities (conferences, training sessions, workshops). Besides, all management materials produced during the 48 months of the project will be well-presented and well-organised on the website project in order to follow the action progress concerning the list of deliverables by month (M1 to M48). In addition two external and informal visits to MNHN/UCAM, in order to check the provisional project results. This visit will be carried out by two experts in Geoparks, for example from the European Network of Geoparks. This activity will be organized during months 24 and 42. The relevant comments of those external visitors will be taking in consideration by the consortium.

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