4th Doctoral presentation. Mariam Ait Nicer (UCA)

Applied research in UNESCO’s Natural Protected Areas (Biosphere Reserves and Geoparks): Morocco – France – Spain)
International UNESCO Centre of Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves

4th Doctoral presentation. Mariam Ait Nicer (UCA) – Supervisor: Ouidad Tebbaa (25th May)

Mariam is going to start their research studies in the importance on the landscape, in the specific case of the Zat Valley where the European project is focused on. This landscape has a great interest in biology, tourism and culture and that allows maintaining the life of the local people and the aesthetic issues of the tourism. We need a local sustainable development that allows giving the landscape values. The landscape is a scientific subject bad identified and mistreated for the low research studies in there. It doesn’t achieve the necessary dimension that identifies the landscape as an important touristic element. We should improve the management of the landscape wealth.

The Moroccan landscape is very complex to understand. We have to analyse the relations between society and territory and for that, we need to talk with the different actors. We have to suggest to the people that they integrate in the project in a 100% and we should listen to them for creating a new Geopark. It is necessary to mobilise the landscape as a territorial resource for potentiate the touristic development in a sustainable way in the Zat Valley.

For the PhD student, it is very important to visit all the different towns located in the territory and find all the differences between them and then, elaborate questionnaires with all the dynamic actors of the area. For demonstrate the transformation of the territory we should base on iconographic tools between what happened and what is going to happen in the Valley.

The Zat’s consists on 5 different fractions. This territory covers some landscape aspects but, in a preservation and conservation view. It is necessary a diagnosis of the space for viewing the goals for the local development and what are the main interventions that allows to a tourist the adaption to the territory.

It’s necessary to give to the landscape a patrimony view inside the legislative framework for giving to the landscape and the Geopark the importance that have for the area and for the future Protected Figure. So the Geopark, should will use as an innovative tool for the rural agent of the Valley.

Opening questions to Mariam presentation :

Prof. Ouidad Tebbaa (UCA): “It is very important the studies of Moroccan landscapes so, this one is a very complex landscape. When you study the landscape of Morocco you realised that is very different from other cultures.”

Prof. José Luís Briansó (UAB): “The landscape is very simple and, at the same time, very important. I suggest doing an inventory of them as a preventive measure for avoiding the geologic risks so; this is an element that can change everything.

The text were designed for Antoni Mas Ponce and Adriá Costa Ribes, all together PhD student.
Copyright photos : Fayssal Lemjidi, PhD student.

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