7th Doctorial presentation. Cinthia Pereira (ICTA-UAB)

Applied research in UNESCO’s Natural Protected Areas (Biosphere Reserves and Geoparks): Morocco – France – Spain)
International UNESCO Centre of Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves

7th Doctorial presentation. Cinthia Pereira (ICTA-UAB) – Supervisor: Roser Maneja (25th May)

Abstract :

This PhD study will focus on the local traditional knowledge of people that are living inside two Biosphere Reserves, Cerrado Biosphere Reserve (Brasil) and Montseny Biosphere Reserve (Catalonia). From the rescue, the comprehension and the appreciation of this local traditional knowledge, this will be with the scientific knowledge; methodological training strategies will be developed to understand the territory from a socio-ecological perspective. The final step of this research will be testing the research hypotheses and produce training materials for the resident population in the Biosphere Reserves.”

Cinthia Pereira started her PhD in December/January and she is really interested in the knowledge transmission. One of the main objectives of the Biosphere Reserves and Geoparks is valorising the socioecological knowledge of UNESCO territories.

So the aim of this Thesis is related with transmit the local knowledge to the resident people that are living in a Biosphere Reserve. People that are living in a Biosphere Reserve not always know all about where they are living to. The communication between environment and human is lost and we should fix it. The methodology that is going to be developed is a participation-action methodology. The aim is knowing and interpretate how develops the relation human/nature in two Biosphere Reserves and provide a new methodology that allows people to understand their landscape in a socioecological point of view. It is necessary that the people get a deeper point of view of their territory.

The two study areas of this Thesis are the Montseny’s Biosphere Reserve in Catalonia and Cerrado’s Biosphere Reserve in Brazil.

The landscapes allow to interpretate the Global Change such as the interaction between the beech and the oak and between the beech and the fir in the specific case of the Montseny. All that is in the territory have an explanation and we should know how to identify it.

On the other hand, we find that the Cerrado’s Biosphere Reserve is much bigger than Montseny’s Biosphere Reserve. It is necessary an effort for delimiting the Study area because the PhD student doesn’t know the territory so, this is going to be one of the first steps in her Thesis.

Opening questions to Cinthia Pereira presentation :

Catalina González (MNHN): “Frequently, the Biosphere Reserves are made by a Natural Park so how it is possible to reconnect it to the local people that it takes their territory?”

Cinthia Pereira (UAB): “A lot of people don’t know what is a Geopark or a Biosphere Reserve and what represents. It is necessary telling them what are these figures and its representation and benefits when the locals have this knowledge that will be the moment for asking them if they are interested in. Through this dialogue we will know if we should go further or not.”

Prof. Roser Maneja (UAB): “The Montseny’s Biosphere Reserve as a European example has its limits like the Natural Park. The management implies that all the municipalities are involved in the process of making decisions; this is an example of participative process.”

Ayoub El Ouarti (UCA): “Translate the local landscapes into scientific words is a really good for the local communities, we did it.”

Prof.Yves Girault (MNHN): “You used the word interpretation in different senses and that’s a good view because it implies the comments of yesterday of Yi Du.”

Prof. Ouidad Tebba (UCA): “We should use the mudisciplinarity in the field of geoscience. I think that you find a real new method and very positive for us.”

The text were designed for Antoni Mas Ponce and Adriá Costa Ribes, all together PhD student.
Copyright photos : Fayssal Lemjidi, PhD student.

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